AME Spirometer software
AME EKG software


Before installing any updates, we strongly advise you to backup your database to a safe place.

Backing up your tests folder should be done routinely!

RELEASE VERSIONS - These may be downloaded for normal use. Always backup your data before installing

BETA VERSION - This is for users who wish to test the latest version of software. Backups of existing data is highly recommended before using these versions! Beta versions have not had the same extensive testing as the release versions.
AME Body Composition software
Body Composition 2.12 22 July 2011 RELEASE - Windows 7 Compatability
AME Weather Station software
Weather Station 1.51 24 Feb 2012 RELEASE - For use with AME Weather Stations and AME Spirometer
Spirometer 2.46 27 June 2014 - RELEASE Force floattostr conversion to "." instead of ",".
Electrocardiograph 1.56 3 September 2014 RELEASE Practice name on printout
Spirometer 2.50 28 September 2015 - Wider compatability
Electrocardiograph 1.60 28 September 2015 - Wider compatability
Spirometer 2.53 23 March 2016 - GLS 2012 Regression Equations added